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White Lion


The brand focuses on two key functions- the beauty of the products and durability, hence we came up with a name that aptly defines both. White Lion is the rated most beautiful animal (it looks pretty damn graceful, isn't it?) and the attributes of a Lion surely comes along- Power, Strength, Monarchy.


We concluded on creating the brandmark with a lion head, but a lion head is such an overused object in today's logo design scenario. It was a great challenge to stand apart in the clutter. We used a lion's face frontal and converted the shape into as geometrical as possible, The result directed us to the right direction solving all our problems and giving us a brandmark that resonated with the brand name and would come out really well on product applications.


We used stretched slab serif giving the overall identity a feeling of luxury and distinction.


Branding, Print, Design & Nomenclature


White Lion



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