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Lac Léman

The Brand

Lac Léman is a swiss based business skills and finishing school with a focus on Internationalism; entrepreneurship and employability. Lac Léman Center for Learning takes Swiss expertise in precision works, hospitality, finance, pharmaceuticals and tourism on Global level, through structured training and internships resulting into Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Innovators.

The Logo

The Swiss cross (the switzerland flag emblem) is an integral part of most of the brands communicating their Swiss prestige. As our key advantage/USP is the location we have tried to make this branding as Swiss as possible. The color is picked up from the Flag, red represents Confidence, Passion, Excitement & Energy. Perfect as our brand’s personality. Placed inside a shield and coupled with a corporate serif typography the overall identity is perfectly Swiss and directly communicates our purpose and product with a traditional touch.


Logo, Branding,

& Brochure


Lac Léman



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