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Judge the book by its cover! I know you will!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Despite all the reminders of "Not judging the book by its cover" humans cannot resist. Our brains are quick at forming perceptions of everything we interact with. We constantly take visual cues to understand our surroundings and take decisions. The same applies to our buying decisions, every product we interact with builds a perception in our minds. Let's walk the aisle, you are grocery shopping in D Mart. You come across the chocolate section, you see Perk, Dairy Milk and Bourneville. You must have noticed the difference. Yes, it is designed that way, it is designed to look different one superior/inferior to the other, positioned in a way to help you make your decision.

We are in the business of shaping that perception to the advantage of brands, influencing buying decisions. When we undertake the process of branding or rebranding our key stakeholder is the end-user. We put ourselves in their shoes and think what they think, that is where we conclude what they need and we shape our branding accordingly, to appeal to that end-user, that target customer. Helping you connect with your customer conveniently and efficiently, driving more sales.

When I say branding, it's not just the logo (of course logo is the most pivotal part, everything else revolves around it) but every touchpoint your customer interacts with- your ad creatives, social media creatives, POS materials, your brochures, catalogs, your business card, packaging, your website & apps. Everything must be in sync and give the same brand experience as you would give to your customer in-person. We do that job for you, we deliver each design project meticulously integrating the brand's values and positioning that'll appeal to the target customer and pull sales.

Designing a logo

Legibility is our number 1 priority while designing a logo. Second, comes the mnemonic factor. We ensure each logo that is churned out from our studio has something unique to it that your target customer will remember and reconnect to. We are known for our attention to detail confirming every graphic design rules in the book following proper grid theory and ratios. All our logos are a war between familiarity and surprise, striking a perfect balance between these two antipodes is our game. Our secret recipe is stripping the logo to the essentials, leaving not a single pixel out of its place, hanging around without purpose. Logos we deliver are timeless and easily adaptable to all sizes and forms. Easily visible and suited on any media without compromising on its legacy.

Defining your branding

The logo in itself is not self-sustainable, it has to be supported with solid branding. We position the brand and develop the overall brand story and color palettes defining the brand's communication language that has to be adopted in every consumer interaction.

Your collaterals and stationery

This is a very important touchpoint where your customer sees the logo in action. We ensure uniform branding across all stationery and collaterals. While designing your brochures and catalogs we meticulously streamline information flow and arrange re-arrange important information in a visual hierarchy that makes overall user engagement and on-point and easy to understand.

Conceptualizing and creating a hard-hitting ad campaign

Ad design is the real test of our art. We ensure delivering result-oriented ads that grab eyeballs and demand attention. We have time and again proven our mettle with awards winning copy and creatives that have helped our clients achieve their sales goals.

Your digital presence

With our diverse team of developers and UX/UI experts, we ensure your brand voice is not lost in the digital ocean. We can deliver a state of the art website, mobile app, set up, and manage your brand pages on social media and e-commerce portals.

Managing social media and designing engagement centric creatives

It is the age of social media. You do not exist if you are not on social media. We help you maintain a solid presence with relevant posts and timely engagement. Building an audience that loves your product and service offering.

Creative packaging

Our expertise in creative designing and our ability to communicate efficiently to the end-user helps us design packaging that stands out and influences sales.

While we can do everything to present your brand in the best possible light, It is ultimately up to you to remain true to that identity and deliver on that promise. Ensure consistency in your quality and process, leave the design and communication strategy to us.

Let's build some great brands together!

GET FREE VISUAL BRAND AUDIT! Grab your logo, collect every brand collateral that you are currently using to interact with customers. Mail it to us with your website link to (only logo is also fine, but more the merrier!)

You can also directly call/ whatsapp +91 9821234172 to book an appointment.

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