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Cookie cravings!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So i am on the prowl looking for a bakery to buy some good cookies.

I spot a slick new bakery opened in my locality, I instantly think lets give it a try.

The moment I step towards it i notice some familiarity, a sense of deja vu!

The store layout, the products on display, the way they were displayed, it all looked very familiar. My mind was racing, trying to recollect, I have definitely seen this store, but not in this location. I step backwards come out of the store check the name board 'Mazda Bakery' its not 'Spenta Foods'. Spenta Foods was the name i recollected- I loved the shrewsbury cookies they made. They shut shop 3 years ago and i missed those cookies badly. Spenta Foods was located near my Office in Fort, CST area. This Mazda Bakery is in Love Lane, Mazgaon.

I have already spotted my favorite shrewsbury cookies!

I am excited and perplexed. Ordered the cookies, unpacked then and there, Basked into the bliss of its taste and nostalgia...

Let's come back!

This isn't a food blog. :)

Turns out it is the same bakery. They had to shut shop in Fort but managed to open here in Mazgaon after 3 years. It was the consistency (not the name, not the logo, not the ads) that made me reconnect with the brand after 3 years.

BRAND CONSISTENCY it is. It is the key to

  • Connect with your target audience

  • Create a loyal customer base,

  • Build a reliable brand and win the market.

If there's one word for branding, it's consistency.

It could be all accidental, maybe the proprietor isn't even aware of all the branding principles we talk about, maybe he was just reusing his old furnishings, but he thought us a great lesson. I'm sure you may also have some fanboy instances of reconnecting with your favorite product or service. Share it in the comments below.

Ensure brand consistency in 3 easy steps.

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